General Information

The courses offered in Old Testament Studies at the Protestant Theological Faculty in Vienna are part of the Theology, Religious Education, or Religious Studies program. Students from other degree programs may choose to participate through the Extension Curricula (EC) “The Bible: Book, History, Interpretation”.

The following courses are offered on a regular basis:

  • Biblical Hebrew I and II
  • Translation of Hebrew Bible texts
  • Old Testament Master Seminar
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • History of Israel
  • Theology of the Old Testament
  • Exegetical Lectures, Exegetical Exercises and Old Testament Seminars on various themes.

For more information on the courses, please see the course directory.

For doctoral students, a research seminar is offered every semester.

For some courses, there are scripts and other lecture materials available. If you are interested, please contact the respective lecturers or professors.